Message from the Chief

In collaboration with the Pasadena Police Officers’ Association (PPOA), it is my privilege to welcome you to the website.

The Pasadena Police Department’s mantra Mission First; People Always underscores the two primary principles of the organization:

Our Mission is Public Safety: The department’s focus is to protect the community from dangerous individuals, reduce crime and address quality of life issues. Public safety in Pasadena is achieved by a multifaceted approach by utilizing a Prevention, Intervention, & Enforcement (PIE) model.

Our People are World Class:  People are our greatest resource and the mission cannot be achieved without them. They are courageous, compassionate and dedicated to serving our community.  

Pasadena police car

The Pasadena Police Officers’ Association (PPOA) is a valued partner in the police department’s efforts to achieve the mission. The Board of Directors interact frequently with the Department’s Executive Staff to resolve challenges, enhance public service, and provide effective leadership.  They approach issues prudently, always seeking balanced outcomes.

The PPOA is a progressive organization dedicated to fair and impartial representation of their membership who are extremely talented, experienced and diverse.  It is my privilege to serve as their police chief. I look forward to maintaining the police department’s progressive relationship with the association as we continue to ensure a high quality of life for all who live-in, work or visit Pasadena.

Sincerely,Eugene HarrisEugene Harris
Chief of Police