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Dear Pasadena Friends and Neighbors,

We want the men and women and leadership of the Pasadena Police Department who put on the uniform each and every day to know how much they are valued and appreciated. A special thanks to Pasadena Police Chief John Perez and his leadership team and the City Manager and CEO Steve Mermell for their extraordinary work, caring, time and attention to detail. Perez and Mermell are two thoughtful, caring, and compassionate leaders that lead an extremely talented team of employees for the betterment of Pasadena, and Pasadena is lucky to have them!

We know their job is not easy, and the risks encountered daily to be perfect are limitless. Their decisions are often made in the blink of an eye and those results are scrutinized in the court of public opinion. We know no Police Officer in Pasadena wants to bring harm or disrespect to anyone they encounter nor to themselves, family or department. As members of the community, businesses, and residents, we know that our men and women Police Officers can never be perfect, but excellence is their goal. We also understand that they risk their own lives constantly coming across those that want to do us harm and selflessly trade their safety for ours. Is this because of a paycheck and job only? Hardly, it is because of their love for providing superlative service and sworn love and duty for the city and their profession. We are grateful for these peace officers and for the Pasadena Police Department’s leadership who work hard to keep each and every one of them safe from harm.

Thank you, Pasadena Police Officers and Association, thank you Chief John Perez, and thank you City Manager Steve Mermell. Law enforcement in Pasadena and from all around needs our support. Did you know our own Pasadena Police Officers Association was one of the first to denounce the horrific killing of George Floyd months ago and sent a widely known press release?

Your Pasadena Police Officers and leadership wants to and does do it better and cleaner than anyone else. They are a highly trained, diverse, experienced, and caring group of professionals. They rely on the support of the community and elected officials to be effective in doing so.

It has become commonplace to only hear when things are bad, but the silent 70-95% do not call to thank or reward when things are good or appreciated. We need to support our Pasadena Police Department and key City leadership who support them.

Please show your continued support for our law enforcement professionals who do it right and well.

You will not be forgotten, and we thank you for your service!