"Shop with a Cop" Event Huge Success - Thank You !

May 17, 2023
"Shop with a Cop" Event Huge Success - Thank You !

**Originally Posted FRIDAY, 25 AUGUST 2017

It is with great honor and gratitude that I take time out to thank the following individuals who participated in the “Shop with a Cop” event on Friday, August 18, 2017.

The event took place at Target (777 E Colorado Bl) and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pasadena.

The children were pre-selected by the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena and each child was given a $100.00 gift card. They were paired up with an Officer who then entered the store, grabbed a shopping cart, and assisted each child as they shopped for clothes and school supplies.

A special Thank You is in order to Target management as well as J.P. Harris of the Rotary Club who invited our department to participate in this event once again. I also want to thank Volunteer Louis Oronoz who graciously drove the Mobil Command Post out to the event.

Finally, I want to thank the listed Officers for coming out and making an impact on the lives of the young people they shopped with on that day.

Thank you all once again and there will be a Christmas event to follow. Fun was had by all! Additional photos from the event can be found on the Pasadena POA Photo page https://pasadenapoa.com/resour...

Thank you all once again!!

1. Chief Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez

2. Commander Calatayud

3. Lt. Ibarra

4. Lt. Luna

5. Lt. Grisafe

6. Sgt. Taglioretti and her daughter Bella

7. Sgt. Padilla

8. Sgt. Van Heck

9. Sgt. Campeau

10. Cpl. Locklin 11. Cpl. Blanchard

12. Cpl. White

13. Ofcr. Wilf

14. Ofcr. Salazar

15. Ofcr. Lujan

16. Ofcr. Sailor

17. Ofcr. Guerrero

18. Ofcr. DeCaro

19. Ofcr. Riehl

20. Ofcr. Weiker

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