Letter From The President

Hello and thank you for visiting the Pasadena Police Officer's Association website. As the president of the PPOA, it is an honor for me to welcome everyone with this message.

The Pasadena Police Officers' Association is one of the oldest and most respected police associations in Los Angeles County. Its Board of Directors represents 215 police officers, corporals and sergeants who proudly serve the Pasadena community. The PPOA supports the philosophy of the Pasadena Way and the fundamental principles of policing by reinforcing the values of respect and equality for all people.

Our Pasadena Police Officers contribute a significant amount of time and effort on emergency responses, criminal investigations, and neighborhood problem solving for a safer and healthier community. Equally, the PPOA ensures all its members are treated respectfully and maintain the highest level of training, ethics and professionalism in providing world class police service to those who live, work and visit our Great City. Our community benefits from the PPOA’s Board of Directors continual effort to promote the goals of the Pasadena Police Department and the City of Pasadena.

As president, I have appreciated the cooperative and spirited partnership with the PPOA as their dedication and willingness to collaborate has produced innovative approaches in overcoming today’s policing challenges. The PPOA’s website serves as a tool to learn more about the Pasadena Police Officers' Association and the various ways you can support our police officers as we build a safer community together.

Thank You,

Irvin Myles signature
Irvin Myles
Pasadena POA President